A Cold Day - The Descent

Actions Most Rude

Clean up your mess!

As the Demitus’ warp core drops rudely down through the dock, it dumps huge amounts of warp plasma even as station internal shields and forcefields snap up to protect other ships from a possible detonation. Taban incredulously taps his communicator, only to find that the communicators are offline. Meanwhile, Varreth is five minutes away and notices the commotion in the docks.

Whipping out his tricorder, Varreth hears alarm klaxons sound out about an imminent core breach. Now dreading what has happened in his absence, Varreth breaks into a run, desperate to find out what is going on, looking on with a mix of fear and disgust as he sees coolant dripping from the bottom of his ship. Grabbing a nearby dock worker, he demands to know what is going on, only to learn that three Romulan ships have just signalled that they are experiencing breaches in their engines. Managing to contact Taban, Varreth roars, “What did you guys do!”

As Taban hurriedly explains what transpired in the Romulan’s absence, Varreth finds that the airlock door on the side of the ship will not open. As Taban informs his Captain that he cannot open the door due to lack of power, Varreth raises his disruptor to blast open the door, only to reconsider a moment later. Varreth asks Emony to cut the door open, and she grabs her tools before making her way to the airlock, only to find she can simply open the airlock manually.

After Arjin tends to Ion’s wounds, the party arms up and exits the ship, with Romulan dockworkers looking strangely at them, although they are too busy managing the dock’s chaos to pay them much more attention. Alarms sound out again, and another Romulan vessel drops its singularity core into the dock while the Varreth and his crew look on.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Varreth informs his crew of the mission he has been given, only to be interrupted by the dock control, advising him to recover his warp core or they will destroy it. As their ship is disabled, Taban takes the runabout and flies to the bottom of the space dock, just barely managing to pick up the warp core with the tractor beam in gravity. As he returns to the Demitus, he notes another problem, “Guys, we have no way to keep the warp core inside the ship even if we do manage to get it back up.” Thinking quickly about solutions to the problem, Emony rigs up a winch to hold the core in position while she secures it. Hogue, wearing magnetic boots, steps out onto the hull of the runabout to snag the warp core with the winch, only to find the sensation so incredible that he has to start dancing.

After Taban snarls at Hogue to stop dancing and get on with his job, Hogue swings the winch grapple until he snags the core. Just as the grapple’s hold is confirmed, Hogue slips off of the runabout hull and starts falling until he manages to grab the winch cable, hanging by his fingers. Taban opens the airlock for Hogue to get inside, but Hogue yells that there is no way he’ll be able to get inside, and says Emony should just winch him up.

Emony starts the winch, only to realize that there is not enough room for Hogue in the warp tube, and that he will not fit. With no other alternative, Hogue lets go of the cable and drops. Moments later, a screaming Hogue is beamed onto the runabout’s transporter pad, to face an angry Taban. Taban parks the runabout back atop the Demitus’ hull, while Emony works to secure the warp core back in its rightful place.

With 43 minutes remaining before officer Oron makes his way through the station corridor at the appointed time, Varreth pulls aside the ex-Federation members of the crew minus Emony who is still at work and briefs them on the assassination mission. With Dolvak pretending to be a prisoner, Arjin recommends using a poison to kill the target, as it won’t attract attention the same way a disruptor blast would. To help Dolvak focus and aim if he has to resort to a concealed disruptor, Arjin prepares a blue serum, which is supposed to be a stimulant. Setting out, the party hurries to the designated location and waits.

Xaina injects Dolvak with the simulant hypospray, which turns out to have the opposite effect, sedating him. Frantically they try to revive him, but are unable to, and thus Ion switches clothes with Dolvak to take his place, only no one arrives. Seconds later, forcefields snap up, and the party is beamed away.

Dolvak, Xaina, and Ion find themselves inside a security brig, minus everything they were carrying. Officer Oron stands on the other side of the forcefield brig, and darkly announces that he knew all along about the attempt on his life before informing the shaken prisoners that he will be apprehending the rest of the crew shortly.

Taban nervously checks the communications systems, noting that he has lost the team’s signals. Conferring with Varreth, Taban comes to the conclusion that the team is either detained or dead. With the remainder of the repairs to the warp core complete, Emony attempts a cold start, and manages to bring the core online without any problems, except the fact that all of the controls are in Romulan.

Trying to figure out what to do about the crew, Hogue mentions that he once infiltrated a security depot, and that he thinks he can sneak into the Romulan security station to find out where the team is and what happened to them. Varreth, hesitantly agrees, knowing that the Cardassian has not exactly had the best track record with these kind of scenarios.



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