A Cold Day - The Descent

Sing of the Day

Touch not aged, unknown consoles.

Emony, the woeful Trill engineer, is singled out by the drill sergeant, who screams obscenities at her and threatens to whip her into shape if she does not straighten up. Dolvak attempts to save his colleague by administering a hypospray injection in the sergeant. It is most unfortunate in this case that the sergeant is moving back and forth as Dolvak fails, with the injection spraying harmlessly into the air. It is however fortunate that the sergeant does not notice amidst his roaring. Dolvak then reaches over to pinch the man’s nerve, but only manages to make him groggy. Finally Dolvak has enough, draws his phaser, and shoots the sergeant in the middle of the camp, just as a Federation marine walks in.

Spinning fast, Dolvak blasts the marine unconscious just as Emony manages to accidentally inject herself with the memory-loss drug and starts walking in circles confused. Xaina Dex, the Betazoid mystic, runs over and injects both the drill sergeant and the fallen marine with the memory agent, while Dolvak attempts to telepathically create false memories in the unconscious men. Rushed for time, Dolvak is unable to properly order the created memories, but there is little he can do about it. Quickly he melds minds with the confused Emony and shares the events of the last several minutes with her as the drug she accidentally shot herself with caused short-term amnesia. Staggering with exhaustion, Dolvak and the team run for the alien building.

Inside, Emony finds an abandoned alien console that appears to be very old. It takes some finesse, but she manages to activate the dead systems, and messages begin to appear on the screen indicating a large and old robotic fleet is coming online.

Hearing noises coming from outside, the team notes a heavily encrypted datapad and grab it before hastily sprinting outside to see a crowd gathered around the unconscious drill sergeant. Xaina runs for the sergeant’s tent and seizes hold of his computer before running. Emony plants her face in the mud as they escape the camp, but everyone manages to get outside of the transport inhibitor’s range and safely beam back to the Demitus, although Dolvak again loses his clothing during transport.

Back aboard the Demitus, discussion takes place as to the team’s next move. Varreth is quite insistent that the team return to Romulan-controlled space, much to the chagrin of the remaining crewmembers. Finally Taban pipes up, “We do have an alternative option you know.” The unimpressed Romulan states back, “What?”

Putting his hands together, Taban diplomatically informs the crew that they are not that far from some of his old associates, and while they may not be the most legitimate of individuals, they can get nearly anything. Still not impressed, Varreth growls back, “We are heading back to the Empire.” Taban questions, “Is that an order?” Varreth gives him a dark look.

Several days later, the Demitus is escorted into the spacedock above the Romulan world of Forge. Again, a Romulan inspection team comes aboard, although they do not even look at the crates standing in the cargo bay. Once the inspection is complete, Varreth is relayed instructions to visit a bar in the lower part of the station. Before he goes however, Taban points out that once again the Romulans have intentionally ignored the ship’s cargo. Varreth, his mind on other matters merely notes that they will dump the cargo somewhere in space if they cannot find out what is so special about the contents of the crates. Taban asks if the team can dump the Romulan first officer too, which Varreth ignores.

Before Varreth proceeds to the bar, alone but armed, Arjin the ship’s doctor assembles a poison and applies it to the Romulan’s sword. After several minutes of walking through dark and twisting corridors, Varreth arrives at a dimly lit bar filled with quiet and muttering Romulan officers. Looking about the room, Varreth fails to notice anything out of order and proceeds inside, just as a young officer approaches and guides him to a corner out of sight of the main room. The officer encourages Varreth to join him at the table, but the hulking soldier reaches over his shoulder and draws his sword.

Smirking at Varreth’s display, the Romulan officer raises his eyebrow, “Really… do you think that will help you in here? You are covered from more angles than you know, now sit down.” Varreth sits as the officer tells him that a colleague will be joining them shortly. Moments later, an elderly Romulan in non-descript clothing also sits down. Varreth notes he looks familiar but does not recognize him. The elder states that names will not be used, before informing Varreth that the Empire intends to send him on a suicide mission. The elder, grinning darkly, then tells Varreth that he does not desire to see that happen. Varreth and his crew is instead to assassinate an Imperial officer by the name of Oron and implicate the Federation while doing so or else face termination. With little choice in the matter Varreth accepts, although he is quite hostile to the idea.

Meanwhile back on the Demitus, Sub-commander Liara quietly leaves the ship without telling anyone, even as Ion Stormwake hears noises coming from the atmospheric vents, specifically metal-on-metal. Investigating further, he notes the sounds are those of small rapid taps, like something walking on the deck plating. Moving to deck 2, Ion hears the sounds coming from behind a maintenance hatch, at which point he draws his rifle and opens the doors.

The room is black, and Ion turns on his rifle light as the noises retreat into the vents again. Ion is unable to get a good look at what was causing the noise as he still cannot see properly. Calling for help from Taban, Ion continues to track the sounds even as Taban runs a ship-wide scan. The scan reveals that Liara’s lifesign is no longer aboard the ship, but otherwise all seems normal. At that moment Emony notices a spike in the ship’s main computer. Ion shines his light through the ship as the section he is in is also blackened, and identifies that the lights have in fact been destroyed.

Emony, ever the engineer, sees that the main computer power draw is triple that of what it should be while she attempts to isolate the front half of the ship from the back. Forcefields are raised, but in that moment the ship’s computer systems start behaving erratically. Systems begin locking out, and cascade jamming along the communication channels takes place. A sense of dread rises along the engineer’s spine.



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