A Cold Day - The Descent

The End of an Act

"To be free..."

With the ship now powered, activity begins to normalize. Arjin proceeds to the medical bay. The ship replicators are now functional, and Emony works at restoring her broken ship. Taban works with Varreth to slowly convert the Romulan interface into something he can understand. Arjin begins operating on Ion, and then on Taban before finishing for the day due to exhaustion. Emony manages to get basic sensors working again. And the team rests.

Bright and early, Arjin continues his surgical procedures on Ion, rebuilding damaged tissue and bone, until he makes a small mistake and accidentally drops a laser scalpel into Ion’s eye. He manages to get the scalpel out, but with the medical facilities on hand is unable to fashion a synthetic or cloned eye. Emony manages to bring the sensors back to their original status, after replacing more than half of the power conduits.

Taban manages to isolate several heavily encrypted sections of the main computer core, but fails to retrieve them, and Emony repairs the shield systems before the day is over.
Taban and Emony go for surgery, while the rest of the team works to clean and scrub the ship, as well as dispose of the corpses remaining on board. To everyone’s surprise and for the first time in a week, Arjin manages to get Xaina Dex, the Betazoid mystic, out of her coma.

With the ship for the most part operational, attention turns to restoring the hull damage. The damaged life support section takes priority, and Emony cuts out her previous patch. With the rest of the team helping to hold up the incredibly heavy replacement hull plates, Emony welds the new pieces into place. After six hours of work, the hole is finally closed and declared space-worthy. As the party turns around, they note with some unease two large alien creatures watching them until they simply fade from sight. Scans for biosigns reveal nothing, although unusual radiation signatures are noted inside the ship, with two of them very distinct and coming from the cargo bay.

Further scans made using the ship’s sensor systems reveal the presence of possibly thousands of humanoid life signs roughly three kilometers below the planet’s crust. With the growing unease that they are not alone, the team frantically begins work on replacing the hull plating in the damaged maintenance bay where the party routinely entered and exited the ship. As the ship is now sealed, atmospheric vents are opened to allow for gas exchange in the continuing absence of the ship’s life support system.

The crew sleeps, until Dolvak wakes from a vision, in which he sees the ship melt. Scans made with ship’s sensors reveal increased activity from the planet’s sun, possibly indicative of a solar flare. Grimly, the team decides to harvest some more Isodesium crystal as their supplies will soon run out once they begin consuming power in earnest. Utilizing the ship’s transporters, which can only move one person at a time under normal circumstances, personnel are transported to the cavern system. Dolvak materializes 1.2 kilometers from his intended position. Hearing a loud hissing sound, he calls for emergency transport back, and Taban just manages to pull him back. Trying again, Taban sends Dolvak to the correct destination.

The party works for ten minutes collecting crystals until sensors alert the crew to a very large biosign rapidly approaching their position. A very loud hiss is heard in the cavern, and team members start beaming out. Varreth is the last one out, and he watches as the largest snake he’s ever seen coils up. Just as the snake strikes, Varreth is pulled out.

The ground starts shaking again, and the sensors detect a significant rise in methane levels. Emony manages to design, almost to the original specifications, the life support systems and begins construction. After spending the better part of the day on that project, Emony and Taban turn their attentions to the computer core, working to completely reset the command codes and bring the ship under their full control. In the process they accidentally trigger the self-destruct sequence as the system seeks to protect itself from enemy takeover. With both of them working in desperation, as there will be no escape, they manage to stop the clock at twelve seconds. The comment is made, “This ship hates us!”

With the ship now under full control, the crew manages to isolate their position based on the stars. It is with some trepidation they realize they are in an unexplored section of space along the Romulan and Federation borders. Arjin attempts another surgery on Ion, failing and ruining Ion’s other eye, rendering the soldier mostly blind.

As the ship does not detect the snake in the cavern, Varreth and Hogue beam back and start collecting more crystal. Varreth materializes a half kilometer off target, but is inside the cave. As Varreth growls his displeasure to Taban over the comlink, Taban complains, “How do you read this? No wonder you guys are so grumpy.” After an hour and half of mining, a biosign is detected as incoming so the team beams back. And with that they decide it’s time to leave the planet.

As the ship is not originally intended to be atmospheric –capable, leaving the planet poses a problem. After some planning and deliberating, a rather fanciful attempt emerges. Emony boards the Runabout and disengages from the ship hull, lifting free to circle around the much larger ship. Varreth takes the weapons controls and begins cutting out a wide exit path through the ceiling at a gentle angle. With Taban pushing at the ground with the ship’s tractor beam, and Emony pulling with her tractor from above, they manage to raise the nose of the ship and proceed to gun the main thrusters. Just as the ship is starting to move, Emony hears a sound behind her and turns around to find an alien attacking her.

She tries to fire off a shot, as the runabout drops its tractor and starts flying erratically, but misses. The alien psionically blasts her, and she manages to remain standing. After getting blasted a second time, Emony fires into the alien, who has nowhere to shift to and is critically injured. After making sure the alien is dead, Emony retakes the controls and after some conversation with the larger ship, try their escape plan again.

Picking up the nose of the larger ship and aiming it at the cut path, the team punches the engines and dragging the back end, climb the chute. Picking up speed, the ship launches into the atmosphere, until the ground gets far enough away that the main tractor beam can no longer hold the nose of the ship up. After a moment of hairy piloting, Taban manages to get enough speed and angle to achieve escape velocity and makes orbit. Emony smoothly pilots the runabout to a docking with the once again space-borne IRC Demitus.


hooray, i saved us! lol

The End of an Act

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