Emony Belar

A joined Trill engineer of average height and build, with an air of self-consciousness about her.


Emony Belar’s father was an Starfleet engineer, and her mother died in childbirth. As a result, most of her childhood consisted of moving from starship to starship with her father. Because of this she did not have many friends, and spent most of her spare time reading starship manuals and learning everything she could about what made the ship run. By the time she was twelve, she knew how to handle most of the equipment her father used, and it was not uncommon for her to be seen doing routine ship maintenance alongside her father.

Her career choice was one of the easiest she had ever made. She wanted to be a Starfleet engineer, just like her father. When she was old enough, she entered Starfleet Academy, and quickly landed herself at the top of most classes.

Though she got the highest marks in all of her subjects, Emony was no teacher’s pet. Poor people skills, combined with a lack of tolerance for rules, often landed her in hot water with her fellow students (she frequently practised Kung Fu on them) and superiors. She always seemed to find herself with detention, extra homework, the rare probationary punishment, and once was almost expelled from the Academy altogether. Yes, Emony’s career was off to a rough start.

Her first assignment out of the Academy was on a small scout ship, and while she managed to get along with her higher-ups, that assignment was cut short by the demise of the ship’s warp core, and thus, the entire ship. The crew narrowly escaped with their lives.

Her next assignment didn’t go so well either. For some unexplained reason, she could not get along with the first officer, and requested a transfer several times. The captain always refused though, so when a fellow crew member’s negligence resulted in the breakdown of several ship systems, Emony was still there to have the blame heaped upon her shoulders. Unable to prove or disprove her story, she lodged a formal complaint and transferred planetside.

She headed back to her home world of Trill, where by chance she visited a Scientist’s Conference where she attended the lectures of a eugenics proponent. While not trusting much of what he claimed, Emony’s interest was piqued.

She went to Starfleet, and with some persuasion,they reluctantly sanctioned further research in the field, provided her work remained theoretical.

Not knowing very much about organic systems, Emony found herself in need of a partner. She enlisted the help of a Trill doctor named Arjin who was also interested, and soon they assembled a string of theories together. Discouraged that they could not test their theories, they were approached by someone claiming to represent a classified research committee. The rest, was history. Their experiments were successful, too successful in fact. They abandoned their work after a catastrophic failure, and took to the stars.

Now she was sitting in the brig of a Starfleet vessel, awaiting trail. Forget a rough start, Emony’s career was in ruins. . .

Emony Belar

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