Taban Varis

A man of average height but firm build, this long-haired Bajoran is far more talented-and dangerous-than one might think.


Taban Varis grew up like most other Bajorans of his age: Under the careful watch and tight leash of the Cardassian occupation. At first, he weathered the harsh treatment of his people, hoping that one day the Prophets would bring them the liberation he so desperately craved.

Years passed, however, and no respite came. It was then that fate offered him an unusual boon: The Cardassians in his area needed a pilot. Not wanting to stretch their own dwindling resources too thin, they began training Bajorans they considered “controllable” to be pilots, navigators, and cargo workers. Thus, Taban learned to pilot small shuttles, then light freighters, then massive cargo ships loaded with all manner of freight. He began to learn his way through the complex bureaucracy of interstellar ports, finding out who to talk to when things needed to be done quickly…or discreetly. He learned that not everything he delivered made it to its pronounced destination, and he learned of the profit to be made by “losing” or “forgetting to record” certain articles. He carefully plied this trade to earn a modest living, something that some of his Cardassian crew-mates didn’t seem to mind, seeing as he was helping them along as well.

However, when the Bajorans decided enough was enough and made an organized resistance, Taban put his unique skills to immediate work, elaborately faking his ship’s destruction in deep space to make it seem as though he and the crew were lost. He then announced his intention to fight against the occupation by supplying essential goods and arms to the resistance. The mostly Bajoran crew immediately joined him in his rebellious cause, as did a few of the Cardassians, who saw this as a way to continue their profitable and powerful positions, in a way. It is not known what happened to those who resisted.

For years, he ran his ship past blockades, transporting anything that the resistance needed. he also began to raid and destroy small Cardassian patrol vessels, picking off any that he could engage. His superb skills as a pilot quickly became widely known. When the occupation ended, he sought to become part of either the newly formed Bajoran militia, or part of Starfleet. Both, however, turned him away, not wanting this “pirate” amongst their ranks. Having no other path to take, he continued to ship illegal goods to anyone with the money to keep his ship flying, and continued to pick off weak or crippled ships, becoming far less picky about his targets as time went on.

Eventually, though, his luck ran out. While en-route to a dropoff that would have made him a very rich man, Taban was ambushed by a Federation pirate-hunting fleet and taken prisoner. He sits now in a cell, awaiting trial for High Treason and Piracy.

Taban Varis

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