Varreth Koran

A tall, bald-headed. tattooed and scarred Romulan man with the look of a cold and hardened veteran about him.


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Varreth is one of the more ideal Romulan soldiers in this day and age. Since he was a young child, he found himself attracted to the military, not just because his father was an esteemed war hero, but because it fascinated him. The grueling training regiments, the precisely coordinated tactics, the very lifestyle that the Romulan warriors seemed to breath and drink. Varreth had made role models of the Romulan military. Whenever he could, he would be found spying on the recruits during training at the barracks. Later he would be seen practicing whatever he could from what he had seen and heard. When he came of age, Varreth eagerly joined the military. Though a fresh recruit, it became obvious quite quickly that Varreth was different from the others. He learned faster, moved faster, and thought faster. He acted upon instincts that should have taken years to attain. Varreth proved himself a worthy soldier and found himself to be one of the youngest Romulans to have passed training and entered the military. Though he had started as a simple foot-soldier, often being given degrading duties, he took his responsibilities seriously and carried out his orders as precisely as he possibly could. Like in his training, Varreth found himself climbing the ranks of the military at a rather impressive rate. Soon enough, after years of battle and rigorous work, Varreth erupted from the ranks as a field officer. He was resolved, he was merciless, he was deadly in combat, and he had a Centuria of Romulan Centurions at his command, trained by him personally of course.

Though Varreth had earned his rank through skirmishes and hunting down those deemed a threat to the Empire, he found himself in a rather unexpected position. Varreth had discovered his uncanny ability of interrogation. Though his rank still remained, he found himself an asset to the Empire, and more importantly the Tal Shiar, when dealing with questionable ships. When Federation vessels were found violating the Neutral Zone without authorization, Varreth’s Centuria, under the command of Major Eris Yari would be sent to capture and question, or destroy. Varreth, quick to learn as always, had gained a rough but firm grasp of the Federation language. The fact that he was not fluent in this language actually gave him a more frightening edge during interrogation, so some would say.
Once he found himself familiar with the Federation races, his duties began to expand past Romulan space. Varreth and his forces became a tool in the arsenal of the Tal Shiar, undertaking specialized mission profiles in hostile space. They would be sent into both unoccupied and alien worlds on covert missions for the glory of the Empire. The majority of operations were classified by orders of the Tal Shiar, but one thing is known of his last mission; It turned him into a war criminal. His squad is nowhere to be found, his hair is shaved and his body tattooed, and he now resides in a Federation maximum security brig awaiting transport to Earth for further trial prior to internment at a Starfleet Intelligence security facility. Only Varreth and those convicting him know what he did to deserve his punishment. If Varreth Koran has his way, he will take his dark secret to the grave.

Varreth Koran

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