House Rules

Rule #1
For groups of players numbering 6 or more, players must select partners. During encounters involving small unit rules, partners act as one, sharing action points, initiative, and damage.

Rule #2
During encounters with 5 or more hostiles, small unit rules are in effect. Small unit rules shall be described shortly, as they are a modified version of Decipher’s LOTR CODA system rules, adapted for Star Trek.

Rule #3
During non-lethal encounters, such as boxing, subdue attempts, arm-wrestling, and so on, rather than apply damage points in a linear fashion until the character drops, which then requires a 6 week hospitalization, a “subdue system” is in effect. The subdue system has characters find their total health and divide by 3, then write this number beside their health. During non-lethal encounters, the character is considered beaten once reaching this number, and health points lost from non-lethal encounters are recovered at a base rate of 3 per day. However, should the opponent continue to attack despite the character being “beaten”, the system reverts to the standard damage system with health being lost and recovered normally.

Rule #4
Natural healing may only occur if the necessary conditions are met. Poor quality sleep, or lack of sleep, will increase healing time by 300%. If not consuming water, after 3 days, incur 2d6 damage per day without water. Failure to consume adequate foodstuffs will result in an inability to naturally heal. Adequate foodstuffs are defined as items providing sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals for continuing function.

Rule #5
It is not mandated that the party move as a whole. Should circumstances require, the party can choose to leave characters in a defined location for a short period of time in order to accomplish specific objectives.

The following are canon rules that are of particular importance. KNOW THESE RULES
First is the effects of temperature, then the rule-of-thumb that decides temperature, the effect of encumbrance, the rates of fatigue, the effects of fatigue, obstacles, and physical test modifiers.


Temperature gradients


Fatigue rates

Fatigue effects


Physical test modifiers

House Rules

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