A Cold Day – The Descent is a Star Trek CODA system campaign set just after the DS9 Dominion War.
Act 1 is complete, with the team now a crew, complete with a ship.

Setting: Post-DS9 – Year 2376 – stardate 53773.224
Region: Unknown Region – assumed Beta Quadrant
Methods of transport: Starships, shuttles, transporters, feet, and escape pods…

Crew: Survivors and criminals forced to work together or die in the midst of a war zone.
Mission: Survival
Composition: Multi-species

Base of Operations: The IRC Demitus, A Romulan Lanora-Ingriss Class Scout.
Technology Period: 24th Century
Available Technology: Whatever is available in the expanse…

Adversity: The elements and hazards of space, stupidity, and the unknown…

Feel: Desperate Survival…

Important information:
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