A Cold Day - The Descent

Disruptor Manifest

Green fire, explosions, and much meat.

With more raw meat than the team can possibly carry, they decide that they need to cook the meat to preserve it. Dolvak, to the team’s surprise, turns out to have some talent with cooking and manages to improvise a grill from some deck plating and a low-powered beam from a phaser. After an hour of cooking steaks, Taban states, “Alright! Cat jerky!”

The team continues to explore the ship, going one door down the corridor to the medical bay, which is somewhat primitive and no doubt intended for basic medical attention. Continued exploration finds the ship’s armoury. Various cabinets are locked, and Emony cuts them open with a plasma torch. With no small measure of delight, several fragmentation charges are noted, along with some explosives. After spending another two hours cutting open cabinets, the team finds itself to be much better equipped, as now the party is carrying disruptors and rifles aplenty. Before setting off, the team cuts the cat hide into two pieces to better distribute the weight, and they continue searching the ship.

After finding what appeared to be the first officer’s quarters, a Romulan corpse is found to have a data chip in its possession. The team is surprised as they search the crew quarters, as for the most part all loose items are gone, as though someone came through and removed all items of value previously. With the search of the deck complete, the team heads to Main Engineering, and enters deck 1.

Scanning with their tricorders, the team notes an anomaly near the front of the ship, and before moving towards it, decide to search the main engineer’s office. Inside they find several datapads and a data chip. Varreth manages to read the reports, and finds them to describe the last actions taken by the crew, and also finds that they give an explanation for the total loss of power the ship experienced. The data chip turns out to contain a list of command codes and authentication sequences for the main computer core, which Emony transfers to her tricorder.

Searching the deck, some maintenance and storage areas are located, containing mainly larger replacement parts for the ship. Down the corridor, a repairs workroom is found, as well as the life support bay, and a room containing matter-antimatter containment units and an antimatter generator. At the front of the ship, the team finds the main cargo bay, which contains several crates that appear to have little other than deck plating inside, and two marked crates giving off unusual radiation.

Scanning with the tricorders, the radiation appears to be highly concentrated and contained dekyon particles, suggestive of weapons grade material. Emony, the engineer, had never seen anything like it. Going back to the antimatter storage room, the team discovers that all ships stores of antimatter are depleted or decayed.

Moving onto the life support bay, the team shines around with flashlights, and Dolvak notices what appears to be a bomb attached to the life support systems. Emony attempts to defuse the device, but the team starts to hear a high-pitched whine being emitted and runs for their lives to the back of the ship. A loud explosion is heard, followed by the sound of rushing water. The team pries the door open partially, and water comes pouring through the door. The team releases the door, closing it, and steps back.

The party decide to re-investigate the smaller vessel attached to the hull of the ship, but do not identify anything of interest. They decide to return to the room where they originally boarded the ship, only to find as they walk through the door that another giant cat is in the room, apparently having entered through the gash in the hull that has reappeared.

Ion attempts to fire on the cat, and misses, as the cat charges him. Ion fails to dodge, and the cat crushes Ion against the wall, mauling him with claw and fang. Ion begins bleeding heavily from multiple puncture wounds, and has less than six minutes to live. Taban and Dolvak manage to shoot the cat with a heavy disruptor blast, vaporizing it and Arjin sets to work. Varreth passes tools to the doctor as he tries to stop the bleeding. After four minutes of intense work, the bleeding stops. Emony sits down and cries.

As the team sits in despondence, they wrack their brains attempting to find a way out of their current situation. The team is 700 meters below the planet’s surface, in a ship without power, and without any means of restoring that power. Arjin muses on the physics behind disruptor energy.

The team journeys to the bridge of the ship, and from there to the weapons pods. The ship is mounted with disruptor weapons, and the team tries to figure out if they can somehow link their rifle charge packs to the ship, but a direct connection cannot be made. Emony manages to come up with a basic device idea capable of linking the ship weapons to the charge packs, but the team lacks the parts needed to create the device.

Heading back to deck 1, the team pauses outside of the flooded compartments, and a scan beyond the bulkhead reveals that the water level is staying constant due to the pocket of air trapped behind the door. The air also appears to be rich in methane. Dolvak and Varreth stand ready at the door, which is pulled open and the two of them charge inside holding their breath. Water surges through the door, as does a blast of noxious air, and they continue onward. Passing by what used to be the life-support bay, they can see a huge hole in the floor through which water is bubbling up into the ship. The door to the parts bay is bent, but Varreth and Dolvak manage to pull it open. The water is rising and the air stinks of methane. Dolvak takes a breath, and begins feeling high. Frantically, they manage to fill their pockets with as many parts as they can, before wading out through chest high water. Varreth begins hammering on the tricorder, telling the team on the other side to open the door.

The door is pulled open, and the surge of water carries Dolvak and Varreth through, although the entire engineering compartment is now flooded with eight inches of water. Heading back to the weapons pods, Emony creates a design for the device, getting some help from Arjin for the disruptor science behind it. The design is not the greatest quality, but should work. Emony also experiences some difficulty putting the parts together, and the end result is a somewhat weak and fragile creation, but it should work provided nothing goes wrong.



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