A Cold Day - The Descent

Campaign Closure

A fond goodby is made...

Obviously this campaign has not been updated for a while, and the time has come to make closure on it.

A great many things occurred that have not been written in the adventure log, including the party dropping a space station onto a planet causing mass death and destruction, smashing their ship into an asteroid field, and a high speed run down a long corridor while the front of the ship ground itself into the face of a large asteroid at ridiculously slow speed.

As to reasons why the campaign closed, there are many, but the biggest one is simply that the original party members started growing up with life and commitments.

Do not fret however! A new campaign is being started, this time correcting a great many mistakes, and with a defined schedule this time around. If you enjoyed this campaign’s adventure log, you are encouraged to look up the log for the next campaign which will be posted shortly. Thanks for reading, and apologies for the rather poor writing quality at times. Some of these articles were written in much haste.




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